Frequencies and Nets

Below, you'll find a list of frequencies that may be of interest to amateur radio operators in and around Vashon-Maury Island. Whether you're looking to connect with local operators, participate in community events, or stay updated on emergency communications, these frequencies can be valuable resources for ham radio enthusiasts.


W7VMI Repeater
Frequency: 443.50 MHz
Offset: +5 MHz
Tone: 103.5 Hz

W7VMI is also a Winlink Pactor 3 RMS. It is scanning 3588.5, 7102.5 and 10142.5 MHz center frequencies.

KG7CM Repeater
Frequency: 443.775 MHz
Offset: +5 MHz
Tone: 103.5 Hz


Winlink is a global email system for amateur radio operators, enabling communication via radio frequencies. Click here for more information about Winlink and its capabilities.

Winlink Pactor 3 RMS
K7NHV scanning 3,598.8, 7103.7, and 10146.5 MHz center frequencies

W7VMI-10 Gateway
Frequency: 145.070 MHz
Winlink RMS (Radio Message Server) VARA FM WIDE

K7NHV-10 Winlink Gateway
Frequency: 145.045
Winlink RMS (Radio Message Server) VARA FM WIDE

Simplex Frequencies

Two-meter Simplex Frequency
147.52 Mhz (primary)
146.50 Mhz (secondary)

Vashon Backup HF
3.975 MHz


King County ARES Net

Dates: Every Sunday
Time: 8:00 PM 

W7WWI (Seatac Repeater Association):
Frequency: 147.080 MHz
Offset: +0.600 MHz
Tone: 110.9 Hz

In the event of repeater failure switch to W7DX:
Frequency: 147.000 MHz
Offset: -0.600 MHz
Tone: 103.5 Hz

If no repeater available, use simplex 147.080

Search and Rescue Net

Dates: Every Thursday
Time: 7:00 PM
Frequency: 147.80 MHz
Offset: -0.600 MHz
Tone: 123.0 Hz

Slow Speed Net (CW Slow Speed)

The West Coast Net (originally Northwest Slow Speed Net) serves a group of ham radio operators who meet daily on shortwave radio to operate in Morse code (an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short sounds) at a slow speed to encourage new operators to join in learning to send and receive messages.

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