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 ====== Emergency Preparedness ====== ====== Emergency Preparedness ======
-===== Trailer ===== 
-W7VMI maintains a Communications trailer. This trailer is has been deployed ​during ​search ​and rescue operations on Vashon ​Island and during ​field day"Heart of the Sound" ​and various community events. We've put a lot of work into the trailer ​in the last 5 years or so+Members of W7VMI provide communications ​during ​Island emergencies,​ disasters, ​and drills through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS). ​ Communications services are provided to other Island ​emergency preparedness organizations,​ including the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Neighborhood Emergency Response Organizations (NERO), ​and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). ​ Services include providing ​field radio operators to deploy with teamsmaintaining and manning ​the EOC radio room, and providing ​the Club radio trailer ​as a communications hub and command post during larger deployments  ​
 +If you would like to get involved with emergency communications,​ you can email the leaders of the club ACS committee at
-You can learn more [[emergencyPrep:​trailer | here ]]+===== The EOC =====
-==== Email over Ham Radio ====+We are lucky to have a strong partnership with [[http://​​ | Vashon Fire and Rescue]] and [[http://​​ | VashonBePrepared ]]. 
 +We maintain a radio room at the [[http://​​Partners/​EOC.aspx |Vashon EOC ]]  inside the Penny Farcy Memorial Training Center, across from the Main Firestation,​ Station 55, and located at 10019 SW BANK RD. We conduct periodic drills and training events using the radio room in an effort to stay prepared in the event of a real emergency. We have HF/​UHF/​VHF/​CB/​Marine capability as well as[[http://​​ | Winlink]] and Internet from this location, and use these communications resources both to talk to field teams and other Island fire stations, as well as to communicate with the County, State, and other EOCs in the region. The site is backed up by a generator.  ​
 +===== Trailer =====
 +W7VMI maintains a well-outfitted communications trailer capable of HF/VHF/UHF voice, CW, and digital (email) operations running on generator power. This trailer is often deployed during CERT and ACS training events on Vashon Island, annually during field day, and during various community events. We've put a lot of work into the trailer in the last 5 years or so. 
 +Read about the trailer here [[ http://​​trailer.pdf | w7VMI trailer article in PDF format ]]
 +===== Email over Ham Radio =====
 +We use the Winlink system to communicate via email. The user interface is very similar to standard email clients. The system connects to local and remote Winlink nodes via HF/VHF/UHF around the region and [[http://​​ | around the world]]. Email is especially powerful in an emergency when we may need to send long messages. Having the ability to do this without a local or regional Internet connection is a great tool in our emergency preparedness toolbox.
 Digital modes Digital modes
 Digital Plan [[http://​​digitalplan.html | Emergency Prep Digital Plan ]] Digital Plan [[http://​​digitalplan.html | Emergency Prep Digital Plan ]]
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 How to use RMS express from W7MVI LACC radio caches [[http://​​rms%20express%20LACC%20VHF.pdf | in pdf format ]] How to use RMS express from W7MVI LACC radio caches [[http://​​rms%20express%20LACC%20VHF.pdf | in pdf format ]]
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