Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club (VMIRC)

Interested in Amateur Radio? Want to become a ham?  Know someone who is interested?  The Technician class license is the first of the FCC Amateur Radio licenses.

Our club just sponsored a weekend class - Sunday evening when the class finished everyone in the class passed their license exam. We're planning another class - if you are interested contact Sharon Danielson AE7SD and Dick Danielson KE7KDV at 463-6498 or e-mail   

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Read about Field Day on Wikipedia

Read about what we've learned putting together our communicatons trailer.

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ARRL Affiliated Club

FISTS Club #11550

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All Are Welcome

June - Field Day June 25-26, 2016  
August - Picnic date & time TBD 
December - Holiday party TBD

Club Meetings - 1st Tuesday of odd numbered months,
7 PM, main fire station

Weekly Breakfast Saturdays, 0900,
Sporties Eatery, 17611 Vashon Highway

Club Frequencies and Nets

Handy Dandy Vashon Frequency List (Excel format)

W7VMI Repeater: 443.50 MHz (+5 MHz, 103.5 Hz tone)

KG7CM Repeater: 443.775 MHz (+5 MHz, 103.5 Hz tone)

Winlink RMS (Radio Message Server) 1200 baud Packet
W7VMI-10 on 145.070 MHz
and K7NHV-10 on 144.350 MHz

Winlink Pactor 3 RMS K7NHV scanning
7103.7, 10146.5 and 18105.3 MHz
center frequencies

FM Net 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays at 7:30 PM on W7VMI/R, 443.50 MHz (+5 MHz, 103.5 Hz tone)

SSB Net: 28.385 MHz 1st Sundays at 7:30 PM 

KC ARES Net: 146.82 MHz (-600 kHz, 103.5 Hz tone) Sundays 8:00 PM

Search and Rescue Net: K7PP Repeater 147.80 (-600 kHz, 123.0 Hz tone) Thursdays at 7:00 PM

West Coast Slow Speed CW net 

Vashon 2-meter simplex frequency: 147.52 MHz (primary) 146.50 (secondary)

Vashon backup HF: 3.975 MHz 

Vashon Digital Plan

ICS Form 213 (ARES)

RMS Express over Internet

RMS Express over VHF from LACC

The club has no dues. Hams in the past have donated equipment for the club to sell - especially when they died. And we've been very fortunate to receive grants from the Fire Department, VashonBePrepared, and Rotary for some gear. We're also pretty much all skinflints and pool our skills, so we don't spend much.